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AI/CRM Advice made simple by in-the-trench experts

We understand the significance of unbiased reviews and opinions, which is why we refrain from seeking additional implementation or development engagements. Instead, we offer a flat fee for our program, assessment, and recommendation report, focusing exclusively on delivering evaluations and recommendations in the following key areas:

State of the Ecosystem: Our Executive Level Adoption Assessment identifies opportunities for digital transformation and examines existing efforts to onboard new users while ensuring continued adoption among current users. We evaluate strategic linkage, technical baseline, organizational/operational aspects, and business processes to provide a comprehensive analysis. 

Current Thinking Risk Assessment: We assess your current strategies and provide our expert opinions on the likelihood of achieving your business goals.

Adoption Assessment: Our specialists in Change Management and User Behavior assess the contrast between your current and future business habits, enabling us to identify any conflicts or competing processes.

Expectation Gap: We thoroughly review the circumstances surrounding your purchase decisions, working processes, and potential areas of failure, ensuring a clear understanding of any gaps between expectations and reality.

Maximizing ROI: Leveraging our expertise, we examine the full scope of your current system's capabilities, assess existing applications, and offer strategies to rely less on developers. Our aim is to help you automate wherever feasible and reduce costs moving forward.

By focusing on these areas, we provide a comprehensive evaluation that enables you to make informed decisions and maximize the value of your investments. Our approach ensures that you receive unbiased insights and recommendations, allowing you to achieve your business goals effectively.

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