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Purpose and Justification

Bitxia performs our services in order to assist entire companies, individual divisions and geographies, and/or the individual teams that support Salesforce. We will identify and assist in the identification of circumstances to break down silos & bridge the gap between product management & product development.

Core Purpose

Bitxia's primary focus is to assist you (and your company) to become more successful with Salesforce. Unlike other advisory firms, we exclusively focus on getting you out refocused on your original intent that led you to purchase the system in the first place. We do not install or resell software as the vast majority of our clients have internal resources already or have relationships with professional developers to do such. We stay independent and deliver high quality opinions on many topics that you are experiencing that have likely caused your system to be underperforming or difficult to operate, train-to and adopt.

Identification Of Potential Issues

While not the 'new kids on the block', Salesforce is still new to many.  A large percentage of issues are due to a few flaws, and some of these are self induced.  Bitxia will supply a professional opinion on which of these flaws exist in your system, business practices and how they impact inefficiencies in adoption and administration.

Alternative Paths and Optimal Solutions

Bitxia will suggest optimal solutions and realistic paths to adoption to be further reviewed by your organization to extract value from your Salesforce investment.  We will work with you to identify solutions that are value-focused, technically sound, clearly and consistently defined, small in number and high in quality, and created in consideration of the people most affected - your employees and customers.

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