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We help companies and firms maximize their current investment in their CRM. Leaders are often dissatisfied with the money they have already spent when it does not drive revenue. That is where we can help; fixing this issue is the core of our focus. Let’s have a short, no-pressure, 30-minute meeting where we can learn your challenges and offer some ideas.

Who are we?

A senior leader with team building and strategy technology risk assessment for 25+ years “Big 4” experienced, team leader, vision-driven, goal-focused executive with a proven history of innovation and achievement. With a long career of global large-scale problems and projects, building and motivating teams, building alliances, researching solutions and deploying them globally. 

With an established a reputation as a transformational leader who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and committed to furthering standards of excellence. Expertise encompassing all aspects of strategic alignment of technology to goals, global business development operations, cross functional team management, and knowledge and data management. Building consensus among executive teams and stakeholders to promote transparency and influence positive change.

In addition to large project management and strategic alignment, he has operational experience that includes management of teams across 85 countries in the technical desktop arena and server room build outs. Mr. Hudlow has developed and implemented industry best practices and procedures for asset management and desktop technology management. |  941-400-5468

Michael Hudlow

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Linda is a seasoned marketing, business development and branding leader. She is passionate about the intersection of data and storytelling and has led CRM design and project management since the start of her career in legal.


Over her career, she has worked with senior leadership as the marketing leader for global law, consulting, and accounting firms. Her understanding of how data works to inform business decisions, the actual CRM structure in myriad systems, and her political savvy, enable her to solve big problems and convert CRM money pits into sales generating tools for her clients. Change management and strong communication is at the core of all projects.


She works with companies, firms, and non-profits to help define and communicate messaging, and crafts and implements strategic marketing plans to improve client acquisition and retention, and to generate revenue. She also helps companies to retain talent and improve recruitment processes. CRM has a role in all these areas.


She was the Chief Marketing Officer for the global management consulting firm, Alvarez & Marsal, from 2016-2021. During this time, she transformed their marketing, branding, digital, communications, and business development programs, implemented a comprehensive digital transformation in marketing, and helped double revenue in that five-year period from $1B to $2B.



Linda@LindaOrtonConsulting.Com | 917-881-4409

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