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Unleashing the True Value of Your CRM via Expert Insights and Actionable Strategies


As experienced professionals, we understand the frustration of investing in CRM systems without realizing the expected benefits. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in many companies despite significant investments and routine professional guidance.

We are not standard, and definitely not routine.

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Are We Right For Each Other?

Our program is designed for C-suite Executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO) in companies with revenues between $100 million to $1 billion and at least 100 CRM licenses.


We also work with Salesforce or CRM admins, business analysts, and developers and with business development and marketing leaders and their teams.


Program Overview

Our 2-week program will help C-suite executives in professional services firms, non-profits, and higher education institutions fully leverage their CRM systems for marketing and business development efforts. We provide actionable insights and strategies to optimize CRM utilization and align with your organizational goals.


Our program consists of three phases:

● Assessment,

● Report and Strategy Development,

● Optional/Implementation or Workshop or 3rd Party Oversight



Our program offers numerous benefits, including increased alignment between marketing and sales teams, improved ROI, enhanced customer relationships, and engagement. We also provide greater staff proficiency and confidence in using the CRM system.



We recognize the importance of unbiased reviews and opinions. Therefore, we don't solicit further implementation or development engagements. We charge a flat fee for our program, assessment and recommendation report. Our focus is solely on providing evaluations and recommendations in the following areas:


State of the Ecosystem

We provide an Executive Level Adoption Assessment to identify digital transformation opportunities and review existing efforts to onboard new users while maintaining adoption among current users. This also involves evaluating the CRM alignment to achieve corporate goals. 


Current Thinking Risk Assessment

We evaluate current strategies and provide opinions on the likelihood of progress toward business goals.


Adoption Assessment

Our Change Management and User Behavior experts review current vs. future business habits to identify competing processes.


Expectation Gap

We review what was purchased and why, working processes, and possible points of failure.


Maximizing ROI

Our experts examine using more of the current system's capabilities, assessing existing applications, and using developers less frequently. We aim to help you automate where possible and reduce costs moving forward.

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